£86.5m Northern Ireland streetlight contract

The Northern Irish government has advertised £86.5m of street lighting works in the country.

The three-year contract is split into four regional lots and will cover supply and construction of assets as well as maintenance, inspection and management of delivery.


Lot 1 will cover Derry, Strabane/Fermanagh and Omagh; Lot 2 will feature work across Mid and East Antrim and Newtownabbey; Lot 3 will focus on Lisburn and Castlereagh; and Lot 4 will be based in North Down and Ards/Newry, Mourne and Down.


Contractors have until 1 April to express their interest in the work. They can bid for all four lots but will only be awarded places on a maximum of two.


Temporary traffic management works will be required under the contracts.

The Department for Infrastructure said price would not be the only criteria bids were judged on, adding that further information would be in procurement documents.


Information is available in the official contract notice which reads:

The Term Contract for Street Lighting and Maintenance Works 2021 may include, but not be limited to, the following Principal Work Activities which are provided by way of example: A. Supply and construction of street lighting installations on an adopted public road B. Maintenance of all elements (columns, lanterns, cabling, control pillars) making up a street lighting network on an adopted public road. C. Periodic electrical inspection and testing on a street lighting network on an adopted public road D. Managing the delivery of street lighting works in accordance with the National Highway Sector Scheme for Scheme 8 E. Live working on a Distribution Network Operator’s (DNO) network. F. Delivery of Temporary Traffic Management (TTM) as part of associated civils works on live trafficked public roads in the following Local Government Districts: SLN2 – Mid and East Antrim / Antrim and Newtownabbey; SLE2 – Lisburn and Castlereagh; SLS2 – North Down and Ards / Newry, Mourne and Down; SLW2 – Derry and Strabane / Fermanagh and Omagh.